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Excello News
Excello StarCraft Tournament
As announced yesterday, Excello now has a new StarCraft squad and is sponsored by Voy Media Advertising. In addition to this, the Excello StarCraft tournaments are back from a long hiatus and better than ever. The first of many will be played on Sunday, February 17th. To the winner goes 100 Euros but all of those who finish in the Top 16 will be receiving prizes.
Excello welcomes Starcraft again
Team Excello welcomes MicroGamerZ as its brand new StarCraft team.

Sadly, a few days ago it was announced that our longtime StarCraft team, lead by Bartar, would be closing down. Since we still have high hopes for StarCraft we would have opened talks with another top team, MicroGamerZ, who has been a rival for excello.StarCraft ever since its creation.
Team EXCELLO is hiring!
EXCELLO is a successful professional gaming company, our business revolves around our website and community projects related with video games, we are looking to create a new dynamic website and Web applications for several projects, and we’re looking for a talented developers to join our team. EXCELLO offers competitive salary and flexible work schedule. We also enjoy a fun and flexible work environment.
Welcome CoLgU1
After, today we introduce our newest FIFA Player Leandro Javier 'CoLgU1' Rios Sanchez, one well known player in Spain. His former team was the top 3 european team redCode and has performed very well in Spain during the last year, and played by Spain in the ENC 2007 Lan Finals.
Foxconn Champion: defs|Last
The Excello Foxconn Cup Grand Final is now over. Thanks to Foxconn's huge support we are able to congratulate the first season Champion: defs|Last. He performed very well in the entire tournament and will receive a fantastic Graphic Card from Foxconn. Click on read more for full details.
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